TMB's GunSight

TMB's GunSight


The First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting the
free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom
of speech, or of the press; or the right of the
people peaceably to assemble, and to petition
the Government for a redress of grievances.

Justice Pro Se Of Michigan

Michigan Gun Owners

Document Page
Featuring The New Declaration of Independance!

Political Junkie

An Amazing collection of political links!

Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

Ayn Rand Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand Webpage

Cato Inst.
The Cato Institute

Excelsior Web Page
With Links to the Mark Scott's
And David Newman's Webpage

Irwin Schiff
Irwin Schiff

Citizenx Internet Empowerment Coalition

Republic of Texas
The Republic of Texas

Mi Militia
The Michigan Militia

WWCR Shortwave Radio

WGTG Shortwave Radio

Kay County Patriots
Kay County Patriots

The New American
The New American Magazine

John Birch Society
The John Birch Society

The Paul Revere Network

Gun Owners of America

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership

National Rifle Association

Mike Reagan's Home Page

Blue Ribbon
The Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign

Governmental Places

oMichigan government
oThe White House
oThe Federal Judicial Center
oThe Senate
oThe House of Representitives
oTHOMAS: Legislation Forum
o Go here to set up a mail box to your elected officials in DC.

Political Places

oImpeach Clinton Now!
oInternational Society for Individual Liberty
oFree Republic
oTruth is Freedom
oBATF -- Bad Attitude Toward Freedom
oThe Claremont Institute
oBob's Bunker
oThe Third Continental Congress
oThe Third Continental Congress (new page)
oAmericans for Effective Law Enforcement (Good source of leagal info)
oSpy & CounterSpy.
oDr. Finnell Takes On CDC
oConstitution Society
oProject Smart Vote
oVox Populi
oBeHanna's Home Page (Check out "Rights at Law")
oeXtremist's Home Page
oLand of Liberty
oRestoring America
oRepublican Liberty Caucus
oThe Jefferson Party A *GREAT* source of information
oThe Libertarian Party and Its stance on guns
oThe FEDeralist
oMenu of Internment Camps
oNational Motorist Association


oMilitia of Montana
oNorth Carolina Citizen Militia

Firearm Realated Places

oThe Second Amendment Foundation
oThe Virginia Citizens Defense League
oShooters' Online Services
oTim Casey's Firearms Page
oThe Fully Informed Jury Association
oSecond Amendment is for Everyone (SAFE)
oPeaceable Texans for Firearms Rights
oCoalition of New Jersey Sportsmen
oYahoo (Society & Cluture, Firearms)
oWestern Missouri Shooters Alliance
oRockey Mountain Gun Owners
oGuncraft Sports
oTom Gresham's Radio Show Gun Talk
oSun Tzu's Home Page, With lots of links to talk radio sites!
oMark Smith's Home Page
oShooters bookshelf
oRick Vizachero's Firearms Training Page
oInternet Startup Sells Guns
oTommy Gun Page

Firearms Related News Groups

o alt.politics.usa.constitution
o misc.activism.militia
o talk.politics.guns
o rec.guns

The Anti-Self Defense, Anti-Liberty Lobby

(Places To Spam)

oThe Coalition to Stop Handgun Violence
o"Reverse FIRE" by Josh Sugarmann
o"Who We Kill" March/April, 1996 MotherJones Magazine
oCoalition for Gun Control, Sydney Australia

The Pro-Self Defense, But...

(They advocate manditory federal licensing. You don't need one for the rest of the Bill of Rights.)
(i.e. Another Place To Spam)

oNational Concealed Carry Incorporated (NCCI)

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